Stubborn Academy Signee Tom D’Frick throws shade at people who mastermind him negatively

Ghanaian controversial hip-hop artist Tom D’Frick has chalked another success with the Stay Wicked Radio tour in the Volta region. The award-winning musician with the Stubborn Academy team had a successful media tour to enrich the new face and impact his new label in other ways transforming his creativity.

The artist visited four major towns (Akatsi, Tadzewu, Aflao and Keta). He also had the privilege to pay a visit to some of his old forks, fans, family and friends who showed him love and support all these years of his carrier. He quietly leaked a few names to appear on his upcoming EP.

Encourage other artists and individuals to continue giving in their support. Driving out his fidelity urges colleague artists to focus match on their craft to make money because music is business and advises them to take it to work hard for the money, the only way they can achieve success.

Tom D’Frick

Also, he unleashed the beast by throwing shade at people who mastermind him negatively of him not being capable of making it big in his music carrier.

Currently, Stay Wicked hit over 100k plus streams on Boomplay and is curated on ten major playlists and more just a few weeks after it was released.

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