Samini releases the official music video for his “Cash Down” single off his “Sticks N Locs EP.”

Ghanaian Reggae Dancehall icon Samini has released the highly anticipated music video for his latest track, “Cash Down,” one of the standout songs from his recent EP, “Sticks N Locs.” Directed by Saikz, the “Cash Down” video showcases stunning visuals and a compelling storyline that aligns seamlessly with the song’s lyrics and was shot in the picturesque city of Peterborough, UK.

“Cash Down” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem celebrating financial freedom and success. With its upbeat tempo and feel-good lyrics, Samini encourages listeners to embrace a carefree and confident attitude towards money. The track underscores the importance of hard work and hustle, motivating fans to strive for financial success and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The music video for “Cash Down” vividly portrays the song’s themes through a dynamic narrative. It captures Samini’s daily grind and dedication, followed by scenes of him unwinding and celebrating his achievements with friends. These visuals perfectly complement the song’s message, highlighting the balance between working hard and enjoying life’s pleasures.

Samini’s resolve to keep his fans entertained with exciting and consistent content is evident in this latest release. By coupling his music with captivating visuals, Samini ensures his audience remains engaged and inspired.

“Cash Down” is one of the tracks from Samini’s collaborative EP, “Sticks N Locs,” created in partnership with his lead instrumentalist and renowned drummer, Francis Osei. The EP, recorded live, features six tracks that blend lovers rock reggae with Samini’s signature style.

The “Sticks N Locs” EP includes three previously released singles—”Chemistry,” “San Bra,” and “Be Alright,”  which have already enjoyed significant airplay.



The new tracks, “Heartbeat,” “Stay with You,” and “Cash Down,” add fresh energy to the collection, making the EP a must-listen for lovers of good music.

Experience the motivation for “Cash Down,” and let Samini’s music inspire you to achieve greatness and enjoy every moment of success. Watch the “Cash Down”

Video Here: https://youtu.be/XEYL5idda-A

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