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INSPIRING STORY: Ghanaian Woman aims to empower and train women in welding and fabrication.

Mary Akosua Quaicoe takes a remarkable turn in her life as a young Ghanaian woman to go through all odds to make life great for herself and other ladies in Ghana.  In a society where men always dominate in some technical fields, Mary a married woman/mother takes it upon her shoulders to leave a significant impact on her life and that of others as a pro in welding and fabrication.


About Mary Akosua Quaicoe

Mary Akosua Quaicoe saw endless possibilities fueled by her unwavering desire. Against all odds, she has shattered stereotypes and challenged the status quo, leaving an indelible mark on her path to change. This is the remarkable story of a married woman and mother who defied convention and embarked on a journey of self-reinvention.

Mary’s life took a challenging turn when her business collapsed amidst the turmoil of COVID-19, compounded by her child falling ill just a year after her marriage. The weight of these hardships bore down on her, but she refused to succumb to despair. Instead, she bravely decided to start anew by acquiring technical skills. At the age of 30, navigating the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood, such a choice was far from easy. With the unwavering support of her husband, Mary set out on a path that few women dare to tread. In a field traditionally dominated by men, she chose to pursue welding and fabrication.

Mary Akosua Quaicoe

It was a field where women were noticeably absent and doubts about her abilities loomed from day one. Balancing the demands of a male-dominated work environment and managing her household proved to be an arduous task. Every day, she tirelessly ensured her child was prepared for school, picking her up afterwards. But fueled by her unyielding desire and unwavering determination, Mary persevered. She emerged triumphant, completing her training in welding and fabrication. Her achievement serves as a testament to her abilities and an inspiration to countless others facing similar barriers.

Now, Mary’s dreams reach even further. She aspires to secure a position in a reputable company where she can apply her newfound skills and expertise. But she doesn’t stop there; her vision extends beyond personal success. Mary aims to establish a training institute to empower and train women in welding and fabrication. She envisions a future where gender barriers are dismantled and women flourish in fields previously considered off-limits.

Mary Akosua Quaicoe’s story is one of resilience, determination, and unwavering belief. She has defied societal expectations and proved that with desire, anything is possible. Her journey inspires all, urging us to break free from the confines of stereotypes and embrace our true potential. Mary’s legacy will continue to motivate and empower generations to come, reminding us that the only limits we face are the ones we impose upon ourselves.

You Can Contact Her Through This Number 0545255738




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