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CYBER BULLYING: Serwaa Amihere’s case, a classical example – Counsellor Forson

A Mental Health Advocate, Counsellor Enoch Forson has argued that the recent Serwaa Amihere’s leaked video is becoming a growing phenomenon in our country.

He described Serwaa Amihere‘s leaked video as ‘Cyber Bullying’. Speaking to DC Kwame Kwakye on GBC Radio Central’s Weekend Morning Show, Saturday, April 13, 2024 and assessed the mental health implications of Serwaa Amihere’s leaked video.

Counsellor Forson explained Cyber Bullying to mean sending, posting and sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone with the intention to harass, intimidate and cast fear in the person via the internet which affect the individual emotionally, physically, mentally and psychologically.

Expatiating further, he emphasised that these so called celebrities have a right to private life and once the video was for a private purpose, “there was nothing wrong with it but when it is leaked, it can harm the person physically, psychologically, emotionally and mentally” highlighting the difficulty in trying to understand the rational for recording such videos since it was for private purpose. He said, “I think the friends around her have done well by giving her such support during these critical times”, the counselor espoused.

The mental health advocate furthered that, some negative effects of cyber bullying includes sadness, depression and anxiety. “This depression can lead to suicidal ideations emanating from extreme sadness to end it all”, he posited.

He admonished Ghanaians to take it easy with Serwaa because in his view most people have their own weakness, and it would be very appropriate we all give her support to recover from her low moments.

Espousing some solutions regarding Serwaa’s matter, he outlined that; what can be done to ameliorate her plight, was for her employers not to sack her but, take her off the screens for a while “is a good thing but he prays she shouldn’t lose her job because that would escalate her current problem” adding the employer should help her by making her see a counsellor or therapist to assist her go through this difficult phase for the purpose recovering.

Secondly, he advised that in life “we all need to have social buffers. This is a phenomenon by which the presence of a familiar individual reduces or even eliminates stress- and fear-induced responses exists in different animal species, and has been examined in the context of the mother-infant relationship in addition to adults.

“Things can go awry and this is where we need to have our friends and love ones to support in times of need like Serwaa’s case”, Said the counsellor.

He ended by admonishing all “Ghanaians to note that even though mobile phones are personal assets, they are not entirely personal and anything can happen. Let us be mindful of how you use our phone”, he cautioned.

DC Kwame Kwakye

Fatherhood Advocate, Consultant, Broadcast Journalist, Writer and Counsellor.

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