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Ghana’s own Liugeebeatz doubles 2023 blessings

Music, for the mind, body and soul, since the beginning of time, nothing has been more soul cleansing as this and it is truly fascinating how something so simple but complicated can hold such power. Perhaps that is the reason why being acknowledged as the “Producer of the Year” for two consecutive years(2022 and 2023) is one of the greatest feelings ever for Liugeebetz, born David Kenneth Mensah.

In the heart of Ghana, in the vibrant city of Cape Coast, a star has risen. A humble studio pulsating with rhythm, creativity and bangers as we call it on these streets has birthed this year’s “Producer of the Year” at the prestigious Central Music Awards.

I am honored to introduce you to the maestro, the genius and brain behind the console who has been weaving musical magic that has resonated throughout Central Region and taking Ghana by storm. His unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds has set new and higher standards, especially in the evolution of Central Music. He is also one of the Founding Members of the revolutionary music group, Smelling Good Geng (SG2) which was the music group of the year in the 2022 Central Music Awards and has inspired the formation of similar groups all across the regional music scene

Listed below are some of the notable and exceptional bodies of work he has produced through his rising career, to give you a dive into his diversity and growth:

Patapaa featuring Article Wan – Enemies

Chichiz (of TV3 Mentor Fame) – Shiishi Kwa

Met – Assignment

Yaw Blvck (of TV3 Mentor Fame) – Love or Something Else, Jealous, Don’t Go, Fear, Hennessy, Mine, Holy Sinner and Cloud 9

Met – Convoy, Wona and mixed and mastered Something is Coming

EmoGy DJr – Efri Fie, mixed and mastered Cold World

Smelling Good Geng (SG2) – With U, Anyen, Friday Night, Sheleshey, Logologo and  Press Release.


The list goes on and on and I will entreat you to pick any of these songs to listen to and get the rich and full experience that got Liugeebeatz adjudged the producer of the year. The journey to the top wasn’t easy and doesn’t end here but with each melody and beat he’s made, he has proved that with perseverance one can turn dreams into reality. His story is an inspiration to many aspiring music producers in the region and beyond.

As we celebrate his remarkable achievement, Let’s tune into the rhythm of his success and look forward to more chart-topping hits from our very own music maestro. Cheers to him, more life and many more amazing music and sounds of success!

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