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Akua Music shares video for ‘Miss You Bad’

Akua Music, the acclaimed singer-songwriter known for her soulful melodies and emotive lyrics, has just released the highly anticipated music video for her latest single, ‘Miss You Bad.’ The video, directed by Joseph Amino, captures the essence of the song’s message and showcases the singer’s raw talent and creativity.

‘Miss You Bad’ was produced by celebrated producer and sound engineer, Mix Master Garzy and was released in February, 2024. It is a profound song that explains the emotional rollercoaster a person goes through after a broken relationship. It tells a story of love gone sour and evokes feelings of nostalgia, loss and longing.

The accompanying music video serves as a visual companion to the song, giving viewers a glimpse into the singer’s world and excellently portraying the emotions that inspired the music. The video features stunning cinematography and powerful imagery that brings the song’s narrative to life.

Akua Music
Since its release, ‘Miss You Bad’ has quickly become a fan favorite and a standout track in Akua’s discography. It has received praise from fans and critics alike for its captivating melody, heartfelt lyrics and soothing vocals delivered by the singer. The release of the music video marks the next chapter in the singer’s blossoming career and is evident of her growth as an artist. With its powerful storytelling and emotive performances, the video is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Akua Music is a dynamic force in the world of Afrobeats and continues to captivate audiences with her infectious rhythms and soulful melodies. She is on a mission to leave an indelible mark on the global music scene, one note at a time.

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