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Kins Wear Sets the Bar for Footwear Excellence

As Kins Wear continues to captivate the fashion world with their daring designs and innovative approach, their legacy only continues to grow. With each new collection, they inspire designers and fashion enthusiasts alike to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and embrace creativity in all its forms.

Through their commitment to excellence and unwavering passion for their craft, Kins Wear has not only reshaped the landscape of footwear design but also left a great imprint on the world of fashion as a whole.

Kins Wear

Kins Wear

Founded in Ghana, Kins Wear has become a household name across Africa, with high demand in the creative space. In an interview with Plugz Africa, the founder and designer of the esteem foot wear company reviled that he started off producing t-shirt designs and beaded jewelry, among other things, and gradually grew it to become the picture we see now.

“Later on, I wanted to make my own flip-flops to design them with beads rather than buy an already-made flip-flop,” he stated.

Kins Wear

Kins Wear

Though embraced by Ghanaians, Faya Armah Kindred looks beyond the African market to keep pushing his craft globally. Constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship, Kins Wear is now into full-time costumery and not just shoe design.

Kins Wear
CEO/DESIGNER: Faya Armah Kindred

Kins Wear’s influence extends far beyond fashion, as the creative company collaborates with renowned artists, musicians, and cultural icons to create limited-edition collections that transcend mere footwear.

Connect with KINS WEAR:

Facebook: Kins Wear

Instagram: Kins Wear

Tiktok: Kins Wear

Phone: +233 57 754 6017 or +233 20 600 9884

Email: [email protected]

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