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AYAHUASCA: The dead man’s travel experiences shared

The spiritual path has different dimensions, practices and rituals that are performed by different adherents to achieve some results. Different kinds of mystical procedures are deployed to help seekers unravel the mysteries that concern their life especially those that have to do with the future and what they can do about it to make life better than the present.

Incidentally, when seekers are told what concerns their future, they normally either disagree or unwillingly accept what they’ve been told by the spiritual practitioner they visited for help. This normally happens because what one is being told isn’t verifiable physically but, spiritually revealed.

One of the tools that allows the seeker to experience the other side of life; a form of astral travel that allows the seeker to visit the spiritual world when they are not spiritual practitioners themselves, is ‘Ayahuasca’. One of its adherents and practitioners in Ghana is Ola Maame. She explains Ayahuasca as the dead man’s travel because it helps the seeker to live his physical body in a trans-like situation to investigate everything hidden about him or herself on the spiritual plane for personal realization.

In the cosmovision of its users, the ayahuasca practice is the conduit that allows the spirit of a living person to wander detached from the body, entering the spiritual world, otherwise forbidden for the alive. “This is more revealing and allows the seeker to rather divulge the hidden secrets that concern their life to the practitioner. This is a more convincing approach to the seeker”, she emphasised.

In practicalising her experiences, Ola Maame revealed that through Ayahuasca practice she was told of having a twin frame which she hadn’t met before.

According to her, a guy visited her one day to be taken through Ayahuasca. “During the section, it was revealed to me that the gentleman before me was my twin flame. The spirit manifested through me and told the guy this was your twin as well. This was very amazing and revealing as well”, she stated. The issue about twin flame is a very delicate one. In her view, it is not easy to meet a twin flame in a lifetime. Only a few loved souls get to meet their twin flame in the flesh. When it happens it could mean the end of one’s incarnation on earth.

As twin flames, people have the potential to be islands on their own and shut others out because of total fulfilment which has the potential to disrupt the cycle of life and death.
“There is a reason twin flames are most of the time separated or blinded by Divine ones so that each can learn the lesson of love and tolerance. Then also learning to love others who are opposite”, Ola Maame recounted. When twin flames meet they seize to challenge themselves and might not learn from the world of mystery as they are one and nothing matters to them. Twin souls don’t learn to love, they just love. In that sense, those souls fail to learn the life lessons of pain.

Before a person can meet the twin flame one must go through the process of finding love over and over through pain, and a broken heart and when you finally meet the one, these words will forever Echoe ‘This is the bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh’. This is because most people have died out of thirst for love. Further, she narrated more Ayahuasca research revealed that the gentleman that was sitting before her was her past son. “I came to love this gentleman to the extent that not seeing him makes me feel uncomfortable and was unable to practice anything spiritual. I treat him as a family”, she shared.

Ola Maame hinted that long before the guy came to be taken through Ayahuasca, “Anytime I saw him, I had an inner urge of responsibility towards him” and this should alert people that humans are interconnected to each other and being family is not necessarily about blood relations alone but we could be otherworldly bonded to each other.

Ayahuasca is real and anyone who wants to appreciate who they are, where they came from and what they are on earth to accomplish for family, marriage, society and country can experiencially have it through Ayahuasca.

DC Kwame Kwakye

Fatherhood Advocate, Consultant, Broadcast Journalist, Writer and Counsellor.

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