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Three Key points from the visit of Vice President Kamala Harris to Emintsimadze Palace

The Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris yesterday paid a courtesy call on Oguaahen when she visited Emintsimadze Palace as part of her visit to Cape Coast. She joins the list of the uncountable high profile dignitaries and celebrities who have visited Cape Coast and the 19th Century palace (Emintsimadze Palace was built in 1825).
There was an hour conversation between her team and that of Emintsimadze Palace. The Central Regional President of the House of Chiefs was present. The Central Regional minister, Vice Chancellor’s of both UCC and CCTU were present. Central Region Chamber of Commerce, Business men, heads of all Secondary schools, heads of Churches, head of all security agencies in the region, CCTH, Nursing colleges etc were all present.
There was a lengthy conversation between institutions in Cape Coast/Central Region and the delegation lead by the vice president to Cape Coast. However, there were three major issues that stood out;
Cape Coast
1. Oguaa Traditional Council in collaboration with Smithsonian Museum of African American History have agreed to set up a Ghanaian Museum for Slavery and African History in Cape Coast. This will be located at the site of the abandoned old post office building and the deteriorating high court building. The multi million dollar project will have a museum, hotel and a shopping centre for African arts exhibited around the Castle.
2. The USA ambassador to Ghana has been appointed as a liaison between the White House and Emintsimadze Palace to further deepen the relationship between Ghana and Cape Coast and USA
3. More collaborations and visitations between USA universities and academic institutions in Cape Coast.
Cape Coast
The people of Cape Coast are really excited especially by the first point as it has been something everyone who lives in or comes from Cape Coast and the region has always wished. The old post office building is in bad shape and we hope the place is put into good use. We heard about this project about 5years ago but there have no been any progress. Hopefully, the visit by the Vice President will help speed up the process.
Website of the project : http://gnmosaf.org/
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