T-Ben Miller opens up on “No Bad Times” EP

T-Ben Miller knows exactly what he wants so he goes for it. In these times of social media craze and the hanker for trends, many artistes, especially young talents are ready to do anything to get themselves in the news — be it good or awkwardly — they just want to trend! But that’s not the case of this young creative talent called T-Ben Miller.


The Afrobeats Crooner returns with a sophomore EP he titles “No Bad Times” — this comes after he has decided to engage the different sides of his musical craft. T-Ben didn’t not only outlive himself on this project but he really invested a lot into making this EP a solid one. Holding just 4 songs for “No Bad Times” EP, he was able to blend different styles of Afro and pop sound into the body of work — from track 1 to track 4, the heavy African originality was very visible. A West African Artiste with roots embedded in Ghana and Nigeria, one will be fully assured of no bad songs on “No Bad Times” EP.

No Bad Times EP

“No Bad Times” is his sophomore EP, his previous one was released in 2020, and his debut was “Kwame Nkrumah” EP. In an exclusive interview BeenieWords, T-Ben Miller gave a breakdown of his “No Bad Times” EP.


Below is the narrative:

Why “No Bad Times” EP? What’s the agenda behind this concept?

‘No Bad Times’ is a collection of a work of art that holds conversations on piety, love and hate, sadness and happiness. But in all, the idea is to remind ourselves as humans to celebrate life, enjoy life and embrace all situations regardless of how they turn out. The work of art also teaches us not to be judgmental in situations and situations of others without knowing what they’re going through — whether beautiful or ugly moments.

No Bad Times EP

As human beings even before we know how to speak or think properly, we have been indoctrinated into different cults, churches mosque etc, and we have provided answers to these questions mostly based on those (respective) beliefs. To a man who is to be blind from birth and forever, the world must be dark. To tell him that there is something called light must be to deceive him, but what then is the truth? To him what is real is darkness and that is his sad truth. It will take self-questioning and self-awareness for such a man to reason and come to terms with the possible light.


No bad times EP was produced by Samsney and Hairlergbe, engineered by Mix Master Garzy, Cash 2 and Samsney. Already, 2 songs have been released off the EP with singles titled as “Baby” and “Mayana”, respectively. According to T-Ben Miller, this is a project he is stretching into the first quarter of 2023 with single releases off the record until the full catalogue drops in February 2023.

“No Bad Times” EP only features T-ben Miller; no ‘external’ features have been captured for it. A strategy he is using is to focus more on himself to launch his solo music career to mainstream locally and globally.

T-Ben Miller has gone back to the music training school to hone his craft properly and this has been reflected in his recent performances and recordings for the EP, with a more fortified voice and more powerful songwriting abilities.


Track 1:

“Baby” was produced and engineered by Samsney.

Track 2 & 3:

“I’m Grateful” and “Muller” was produced by Hairlergbe and engineered by Cash 2.

Track 4:

“Mayana” (Comfort Me) was produced by Hairlergbe and engineered by Mix Master Garzy.

Stream “Baby” on the Digital Stores here: https://tbenmiller.lnk.to/Baby

Stream “Mayana” on the Digital Stores here:


Follow T-Ben Miller on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @iamtben.

Watch Kwadwo Sheldon’s breakdown of “Mayana” on YouTube:


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