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Patricia ‘Miss Pat’ Chin Receives Lifetime Achievement Award From Reggae Genealogy

VP Records Matriarch, Patricia ‘Miss Pat’ Chin, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Florida based, Reggae Genealogy.  Patricia ‘Miss Pat’ Chin shared the honor with fellow recipients Marcia Griffiths and Rita Marley.  The women were recognized for their indelible contributions to the impact of the island’s music on the world.

The inaugural Reggae Genealogy music festival and concert celebrated reggae music’s rich history and cultural impact.  Attended by more than 1,400 attendees at Broward Mall this past weekend, notable figures, community leaders and music enthusiasts sparked important conversations about the relevance of Jamaican music to the world’s musical landscape.

The celebration continues beyond the main event, as VP Records’ “Reggae Music Journey” showcases a captivating array of images and stylized graphics. Photographer Ajamu Myrie and graphic artist Maria Papaefstathiou have significantly contributed to this collection, currently on display in the museum’s cultural exhibit. Additionally, David I. Muir’s “Reggae Reel” fine art show spotlights some of the genre’s most legendary figures, enriching the museum’s Reggae Month offerings with iconic names from reggae and dancehall music.

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Patricia Chin
Photo Credit: RJ Reed

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