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Nana Kweku Yensu I supports Cape Coast Teaching Hospital with bedsheets and pillow cases

The Sanaahen of Oguaa Traditional Area, Nana Kweku Yensu I has donated 100 bed sheets and 50 pillowcases to the Cape Coast Teaching (CCTH).

In a short ceremony at his residence in Cape Coast on Saturday, January 13, 2024, Sanaahen of Oguaa Traditional Area revealed that his decision to support the Teaching Hospital stems from the observation he made at the hospital during the festive season of December 2023 when his mum took ill and was rushed to the hospital.

“That was the second time I had visited the hospital. My sister Nana Mbra also was involved in a motor accident and was sent to CCTH. I realised that all wasn’t well at the emergency ward, hence my decision to help”, stated the Sanaahen.

Highlighting the main rationale for his support to the hospital, Nana intimated that Cape Coast is Ghana’s tourism heartbeat “So, if you visit Cape Coast and you fall sick and there no place to take to you, it means, you would go and not return. When that happens, it means we cannot progress as a community. I then decided to help CCTH”, Nana Stated to the applause of the gathering.

Nana Kweku Yensu I recounted that he realised that the Teaching Hospital needed a lot of logistics to help it function properly to serve the needs of the region. “So, I asked myself what can be done urgently to help. I decided to mobilise bedsheets so the sick can have better bedsheets to lay on”, he stated.

Nana Kweku Yensu I
Nana Kweku Yensu I presenting the items to Mrs Betty Quansah, Chief Nursing Officer of CCTH at his residence

He further assured that going forward they needed to find ingenious ways to help CCTH with drugs, beds and other logistics to assist the hospital to function well. “They should accept these bedsheets to ease the stress of the sick and we shall plan other help as the days roll on”, Nana ended his statement.

Mrs. Betty Quansah, Chief Nursing Officer of CCTH received the donation on behalf of CCTH management. She took the opportunity to appeal to Nana to adopt one of the wards at the hospital so he could always channel other resources to the hospital through it. Mrs. Quansah thanked Nana for his kind gesture and like Oliver Twist asked for me to encourage other citizens of Cape to emulate the Sanaahen’s gesture to the Teaching Hospital to deliver on its mandate.

DC Kwame Kwakye

Fatherhood Advocate, Consultant, Broadcast Journalist, Writer and Counsellor.

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