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Wiyaala Drops 2022 Anthem “Coming With Fire”

Wiyaala has dropped “Coming With Fire”, her first single for 2022 and follows up to last years popular “Yaga Yaga”. And it is an explosive cocktail of positive energy heavily influenced by the work of K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana), an internationally renowned professional UK based musician, artist, songwriter, percussionist, and multi-instrumentalist from Elmina in Ghana.


Coming With Fire’s central premise is that an artist’s primary focus is to create great art. Any consequent accumulation of money or celebrity status is incidental and secondary to the main purpose. Wiyaala’s uncompromising delivery of ragga punchlines are juxtaposed with operatic soaring chorus’s and an aggressive beat which combined with Wiyaala’s fast cut edit offers viewers an overwhelming visual experience.

The collaboration arose out of a chance meeting at the Shambala Festival in the UK. Recognising that they were fellow Ghanaians, they agreed to work together on an album from which two songs have now been released, Yaga Yaga in 2021  and Coming With Fire this year. Many of the songs from the album have been already performed by Wiyaala at festivals around Europe with Onipa, K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade and in Ghana and Dubai with the Ghanaian band PatchBay.


Source: Nancy Nwadei

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