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TUSAAG declares strike over 4 Technical Universities non-complainace to conditions of service

The Technical University Senior Administrators’ Association of Ghana (TUSAAG), have served notice of their strike action. According to their press statement issued and signed on Monday, 1st January, 2024 by the National President of the association, Mr. Oti-Asirifi Mensah Joseph, it avers unfair treatment meted out to its members in 4 Technical Universities in Ghana.

It indicates that “Despite the clarity provided in all our earlier communication, the Management of Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU), Sunyani Technical University (STU), Accra Technical University (ATU) and Koforidua Technical University (KTU) have failed to comply fully with the roll-over of the retirement date to the end of the academic year”.

TUSAAG further provided clarity on the roll-over of the retirement policy by referenvin their CoS quoting relevant articles to support their case. “Article 14(b): “A Senior Member shall normally retire from the service of the Technical University at the end of the academic year in which he attains the compulsory retiring age, currently sixty (60)” and Article 34: “An employee of the University shall retire from the service of the University at the end of the academic year in which he attains the prescribed retiring age.”

The Association is appalled by the wanton discretion of the management of some Technical Universities especially CCTU where three affected staff (names provided to the Management of CCTU), all of whom are TUSAAG members, attained the age of Sixty (60) (the retiring age) between October 18, 2023, and December 16, 2023. Thus, the academic year in which the affected staff attained age Sixty (60) is the 2023/2024 Academic Year of the CCTU.

TUSAAG therefore cannot fathom why their colleagues at the CCTU would not be allowed to retire at the end of the 2023/2024 Academic Year as spelt out in their conditions of service.

They are by their statement serving notice to all their members to start their their actions on Monday, January 8, 2024. The NEC takes a serious view of the non-compliance with, and the manipulation of this provision, and respectfully reminds the Management of Technical Universities that the conditions laid in Article 14(b) and Article 34 (supra) are not subject to the dictates or the discretion of any individual or any constituted body, neither shall they be altered, varied or amended without due process, or in a manner that makes the employee worse off.

“Further to this, the NEC remains open to dialogue, a prompt resolution, and the preservation of the academic calendar, and not a continuous disregard for statutory provisions, which leaves us with no alternative than to react in the protection of the rights of our members”, concluded the statement.

DC Kwame Kwakye

Fatherhood Advocate, Consultant, Broadcast Journalist, Writer and Counsellor.

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