Keche finally shares recipe for hit songs

Award-winning Ghanaian Hiplife duo “Keche” have finally shared the recipes used in creating their numerous hit songs with the world.

The duo which comprises of Joshua Kojo Ampah and Andrew Kofi Cudjoe in an interview with Raza Swaggy on Asaase Cape Coast’s “Rush Hour,” stated that they believe everyone was created by a Supreme Being who has different names based on a person’s beliefs. This Being is the energy driving everyone and is also responsible for depositing talents in every single person. “To understand or to know this person, you need to love yourself, love the people around you, respect them and love your craft,” Joshua continued.

Keche revealed that they have not come to a point where they can categorically state that doing A or B guarantees an artiste a hit song. They however shared some nuggets that have helped them over the years. Paramount among these is the fact that they have always been humble and respectful in their dealings with people.

This is because they believe that a person’s relationship with God is evident in their dealings with people. The duo maintains that their humility and respect for everyone especially the media has contributed greatly to their success. “We respect everyone, we love people, we love the DJs, the presenters. We don’t disrespect anyone in the industry.”


Keche, who have an impressive catalogue including songs like “Aluguntugui” and “Pressure” is of the view that their songs become instant hits because the love they show to people is always reciprocated whenever they release a song. “Our songs become hits because the love is reciprocated, people support.”

Speaking on his seeming beef with colleague musician Pappy Kojo, Joshua stated that he was shocked at himself for taking Pappy Kojo seriously because the former is known to be very jovial. He quickly added that the pair had settled their differences and there was no bad blood between them now.

(By: Maame Adwoa A. Mensah)

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