Ghanaian Artiste Keeny Ice Sets New Record with ‘Frazz’ Soaring to the Top of iTunes Chart

Ghanaian musician Keeny Ice is currently setting the Ghanaian music scene ablaze with his latest single, ‘Frazz,’ featuring Chief One, a nominee for the prestigious Ghana Music Awards’ “New Artiste of the Year.”

Produced by the talented Two Bars, the track, released just a month ago, has already become a sensation, dominating the airwaves and streaming charts. Notably, ‘Frazz’ has secured the coveted #1 spot on Apple Music’s iTunes chart.

Keeny Ice’s meteoric rise continues as ‘Frazz’ notched an impressive 2 million views on TikTok in just a matter of days. Additionally, the music video for the song skyrocketed to #23 on YouTube’s global trends, further solidifying Keeny Ice’s prominence in the music industry. The Ghanaian artiste attributes his recent success with ‘Frazz’ to divine intervention and the unwavering support of his fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Keeny Ice

Renowned for his exceptional songwriting abilities and captivating stage presence, Keeny Ice has consistently captivated audiences with his remarkable talent. His innate ability to effectively communicate during live performances and media engagements has earned him high praise across various spheres.

With ‘Frazz’ claiming the top spot on iTunes and garnering immense popularity on TikTok and YouTube, Keeny Ice’s star continues to rise, firmly establishing him as Ghana’s hottest musician. As he continues his artistic journey, the versatile artist remains dedicated to delivering exceptional music that resonates with fans around the world.

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Connect with Keeny Ice:

Facebook: Keeny Ice

Twitter: @KeenyIce

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TikTok: @KeenyIce

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About Keeny Ice:

Keeny Ice is a Ghanaian musician renowned for his remarkable songwriting skills and electrifying stage performances. His unique ability to captivate audiences has earned him widespread acclaim, and his latest single, ‘Frazz,’ featuring Chief One, has skyrocketed to #1 on iTunes. Keeny Ice’s undeniable talent and dedicated fan base have firmly established him as one of Ghana’s leading musical talents.


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