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Asaase Foundation throws Christmas party for children at PML Hospital

The Second Lady Samira Bawumia and other organisations and individuals joined the foundation to put smiles on the faces of the children.

Asaase Broadcasting Company Limited, in partnership with the Asaase Foundation, has organised a Christmas party and made some donations to children at Princess Marie Louise (PML) Children’s Hospital in Accra on Tuesday (13 December).

“We have been operational for a year, and in that one year, we came up with a strategy to adopt certain causes that we thought were important,” Kojo Mensah, president of the Asaase Foundation, said.

Asaase Cares

“Children are most important to us, followed by women, and anything related to health is also important and that is why we started the project,” he added

Some of the items presented by the foundation included footballs, branded t-shirts, toys, money, educational materials, school bags, food, water, pastries, cartons of drinks, biscuits, and water bottles among many others.

Asaase Cares

“The most important thing about Christmas is sharing, and the most important people during Christmas are children, and Princess Marie Hospital is the only dedicated children’s hospital in this country. It wasn’t a difficult choice to make,” Mensah said.

“The most crowded children’s hospital is the Princess Marie Hospital. But kidney health is our major project, and children’s health is now something we are trying to do as well. So, for now, we are going to be working with the malnourished unit. Our job now is to concentrate on malnourished children.

Asaase Cares

“It should be the responsibility of everybody to improve the lives of others. And we go by this adage from Nelson Mandela: ‘You can tell a nation’s wealth by the way she treats her children.’ If a society does not have a place for its children, then it’s not a society,” he added. The Second Lady Samira Bawumia and other organisations and individuals joined the foundation to put smiles on the faces of the children.


(Source: Winifred Lartey – Asaase Radio)

Asaase Cares

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