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“Natural Vibes Riddim” Album hosts Busy Signal, Jah Cure, Turbulence, Many Others – LISTEN

Reggae Vibes Music presents: “Natural Vibes Riddim”

Stream Link: https://hypeddit.com/naturalvibesriddim

Natural Vibes Riddim” is a one-of-a-kind compilation that features some of the most talented and promising reggae artists of today’s music scene. This new compilation offers a total of ten tracks, representing the work and sound of ten different artists. These include heavy hitters like Jah Cure and Busy Signal, as well as solid Reggae purveyors such as Turbulence, Pressure Busspipe, Ginjah, and Lutan Fyah.

Each artist on this compilation has brought their own distinct style and flavour to the table, resulting in an eclectic yet incredibly coherent mix of sounds that still manages to maintain a very unified theme throughout.

 The Natural Vibes Riddim offers a complete musical experience. As with Reggae music, the album is not just about the sound but also about the message. The artistes on this compilation have different qualities to offer, but they’re all like-minded and hope to make a positive impact with their music.

Natural Vibes Riddim

The “Natural Vibes Riddim” compilation is a true representation of its title, as it weaves a well-defined theme throughout the diverse tracks and topics. The compilation sets a strong narrative that connects all the tracks seamlessly, providing a more organic listening experience. It creates a sense of unity, love, purpose, and artistic intent, which enhances the overall listening experience. Two tracks are already available as a really nice teaser to give people an idea of the vibe that they can expect from the rest of the album. 

“Love Will Reign Again” was the first track released in 2022 and is a unique offering from the artist Ginjah. The track has a dreamy feel, with ambient tones and synthesizers that add depth and texture to the background, making the instrumental all the more interesting. The song has a pleasant and catchy melody that is sure to leave the listener humming along. Listen to this track and form your own opinion on whether it is based on romantic or brotherly love, or both.

Natural Vibes Riddim

“You Are Mine,” features the talented Turbulence and brings romance and reggae together. This is a fresh tune with a mid-tempo swing, which highlights the singer’s incredible vocal range, as he effortlessly sings melodically and showcases his impressive grit and power when needed. The song is a perfect blend of musicality and emotion, leaving the listener feeling good due to the pure emotion in the music.

When questioned about Jah Cure’s contribution to the project, CEO Marlon Folkes shared that his track “How Can I Explain” was recorded exactly one day before the unfortunate incident that led to his arrest in 2021.

Natural Vibes Riddim

Veteran dancehall hit-maker Powerman showed his versatility with “Generation of Vipers” which chastises the increasing trend of glorifying violence. Jay Shephard and Kurtiouss are new comers to the Reggae Vibes Music label with romantic love songs, while Rufftop Rock I returns with “Joyful”. 

When creating this compilation, CEO, Marlon Folkes stated that Reggae Vibes Music went to great lengths to curate a fantastic listening experience that enables the label to share its philosophy and tenets with a much broader audience of music lovers. 

Natural Vibes Riddim

Overall, the “Natural Vibes Riddim” compilation is a must-listen for any reggae enthusiast. It’s a well-crafted collection of tracks that showcase the best of the genre, and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on any listener. Reggae Vibes Music, the record label behind this compilation, is doing a lot for the genre.

The label has offices in New York, Atlanta, and Kingston, meaning that it isn’t only tied to the very roots of reggae but also helps spread the genre on a wider scale. In addition, the label is affiliated with Reggae Vibes Media, Reggae Vibes Promotions, and Reggae Vibes Radio, which also contribute to spreading the Reggae sound and spirit.

Natural Vibes Riddim

For those interested in experiencing the Natural Vibes Riddim, it is now available for pre-order or pre-save, and will soon be available on all major digital streaming platforms on February 9 2024. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind musical journey!

Find out more and check it out: https://reggaevibesmusic.com/natural-vibes-Riddim  

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