MX24 TV launches “Crox It Out 2024” — a nationwide breast cancer awareness campaign for high schools

MX24 TV proudly announces the launch of “Crox It Out 2024,” a dynamic breast cancer awareness campaign dedicated to empowering young women through education and early detection initiatives.

After a successful series of events in previous years, the “Crox It Out” tour is back and more impactful than ever, with scheduled stops across high schools nationwide until October 2024. Our mission is clear: Set a Reminder, Get Screened & Crox It Out. This initiative aims to eliminate the risks, fear and stigma associated with breast cancer, particularly among young women in high schools.

With the belief that early detection saves lives and early education doubles the impact, MX24 TV is committed to reaching out to the next generation of women to spread awareness in innovative and meaningful ways.

Upcoming events:

This month, together with sponsors Top Choco, Flora Tissues and YFM, the “Crox It Out” tour will be visiting:

Each event features inspirational pep talks, educational sessions on breast cancer awareness and performances from some of the nation’s favourite artists. These engagements are designed not only to educate but also to inspire and entertain, creating a supportive community around an important cause.

Crox It Out 2024

Crox It Out 2024

Regional impact:

The “Crox It Out” campaign will make several stops in the Eastern, Greater Accra, Central and Ashanti Regions. Each event offers inspiring talks, opportunities for breast cancer screening, educational materials, amazing giveaways and incredible performances to engage students fully.

Partnership and sponsorship:

MX24 TV invites organisations and individuals to join this noble cause as partners or sponsors. Together, we can amplify the reach and impact of this campaign. For partnership or sponsorship inquiries, please contact us at 059 229 2746 or visit our campaign website at mx24.app/croxitout

Crox It Out 2024

About MX24 TV:

MX24 TV is a leading media outlet in Ghana, dedicated to providing innovative and impactful programming that caters to the diverse interests of our audience. Our commitment to community service is demonstrated through initiatives like “Crox It Out” which reflect our dedication to social responsibility and positive change.

Join us in crossing out breast cancer – one school at a time. Because when we’re informed, we’re empowered.

MX24 Media Ltd.
Tel: 059 229 2746
Email: [email protected]
Website: mx24.app/croxitout


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